Is Your House Making You Sick?

  October 2013 Newsletter   You’re already adding vitamins and supplements to your diet, using an air and water purification system to reduce toxins and allergens, aromatherapy to soothe your

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Francoise Courty-Dan One World Feng Shui

From France to Feng Shui

Francoise Courty-Dan has created an eclectic life for herself. Born in France, she taught high school and trade classes before moving to California. Stateside, she transitioned to international television and

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Cosmic Trinity

Someone’s life is based on the three aspects of the Cosmic Trinity, called Tien-Di-Ren in Chinese.  It represents Heaven (Tien), Earth (Di), and Man (Ren), and each contributes one-third of

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The Five Elements

The Five Elements, Wu Xing in Chinese, means the Five Transformations of Energy or the Five Movements. The Five Elements are five types of Qi : Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. They are different

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Even Fountains Need TLC

EVEN FOUNTAINS NEED TLC – The wind, leaves, dirt, rain, snow and birds may make the maintenance of your outdoor fountain challenging. However, indoor or outdoor, keep your fountain clean

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