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“Bonjour Francoise, everything is getting better and better since we began the Feng Shui changes; I have more energy, I have been able to make clearer decisions. […] The atmosphere is relaxed, patients are very happy, they feel calm, more steady, less anxious or stressed out. In regards to the work itself, we don’t have to ”carry” the patients as much any longer. Their problems evacuate/release more easily. In a word: Happiness.

Before you Feng Shui our offices, the atmosphere felt heavy, as if the patients’ issues remained and lingered in the office after they left. My colleagues and I had various health issues which were difficult to get rid of. […] The results are a much better work atmosphere, more relaxed but deeper, and definitely less fatigue. I made assertive decisions in my business and professional relationships which have helped me clarify my work.

I am also able to make important financial decisions without feeling any turmoil about it as in the past.I am recommending you to everybody, telling them to get feng shui before they get any problems, to be able to live a better life, work in harmony with their own energy and the energy of the environment.”

Veronique Chartroule, M.D. E.R. &
Disaster Medicine, Sports & Biology Medicine, Nutritionist, Osteopath, France

Honors, Awards & Affiliations

Honorary Doctorate in Oriental Learning

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Feng Shui helps you live in harmony and fulfill your goals and dreams, Find financial comfort, Enhance your career, Improve relationships and Attract romance, Feel energized and healthier.

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