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“After calling around and interviewing a lot of other feng shui consultants, I chose Francios. I am so glad I did. Her price was very reasonable, and we could tell she put a lot time, effort, and expertise into putting together our home report and then explaining it to us. Whenever we had questions she was always quick to respond.

My family absolutely loves all of the changes she suggested we implement for our home. To our surprise, not long after we started implementing the changes, positive results starting flowing in- our daughter is no longer afraid to sleep in her own bed, a check came in the mail from a settled lawsuit, my husband got another job interview, we could feel a stronger flow of positive energy throughout our home.

Growing up in a Chinese family, I never was a big fan of feng shui and thought it only a superstition. I’m glad I gave it a chance to put it to the test. I am now a total believer of this ancient art and science. I have no doubt there are all kinds of energy that surrounds us at all times invisible to our eye. Thank you, Francios, for helping us to unlock the positive energy while minimizing the negative around us. I would highly recommend Francios. She truly is a caring expert in this field!”

Lisa Y.
Corona, California

Honors, Awards & Affiliations

Honorary Doctorate in Oriental Learning

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