We Were At A Loss!


“So my home was on the market for 2 long years. It was a big beautiful house in the best neighborhood in the area, had the best schools, everything going for it …every real estate agent that came to show it just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t selling. We were at a loss! Then we called Francoise. She was detailed, professional and most of all, passionate about what she does. She spent quality time going above and beyond to explain the traditions and meanings behind Feng Shui and how it effects your home life, health, wealth, etc… Based on her advice, we made some changes and had 2 offers in less then 2 weeks!! And of course now I won’t buy a home without having Francoise’s approval first. I highly recommend calling One World Feng Shui before you buy or sell a home!!”


Holly Diamond-Miller
Agura Hills, California

Honors, Awards & Affiliations

Honorary Doctorate in Oriental Learning

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