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“After committing to leasing a new  office space with a friend, I decided to discuss our compatibility with a Feng Shui consultant. Francoise of One World Feng Shui quickly came back with an  analysis that advised me against sharing an office space because our  elements were the least compatible for business and definitely could lead to serious problems. It was too late  to back out because the lease had been signed and we were just moving into our  new office space!  Long story short… It turned out exactly as  Francoise had predicted it would and at the end of the lease term, I moved out  of the shared office space and into my own office.  I advise anyone  thinking about going into business with a friend, colleague, partner to get their  analysis done before they sign any kind of business agreement or lease!”


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The Year of the Earth Dog is about to end and the year of the Earth Pig is just a few days away. The solar year starts on February 4 and the lunar year on February 5. Athough the Lunar year is more celebrated, it is more appropriate to use the solar New Year for analysis in classical Feng Shui.

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